Alaska Star-Slab  Price $427.33

Sistina Bianco-Slab Price $647.60

Calacatta Alaska-Slab Price $744.82

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Carrara White 071 -Slab Price $565.77

Calacatta Luna-Slab Price $744.82

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Catacatta Tuscany-Slab Price $844.76

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Citrine Quartz Stone Inc.

​Quartz Countertops, Our Contractor Pro pricing structure is formulated to work with you, allowing you to bring beautiful surfaces into your projects and stay within your budget.

Our clientele come to us for our extensive knowledge, our ability to customize any surface with distinct refinement and to find the region’s best selection of interesting and unusual quartz countertops materials.

Citrine® Quartz Slabs dimensions:  123" L X 64" W X 3/4" or 1 1/4"  thickness

SPECIAL OFFER! quartz countertops

​Calacatta Vega-Slab Price $844.33

Carrara Glazed-Slab Price $425.33

Calacatta Tuscany-Slab Price $844.76

Calacatta Gold-Slab Price $744.82

Calacatta Statuary-Slab Price $844.17

White Marquina-Slab Price $647.60

Calactta Victoria-Slab Price $844.17

Shell pw 1001-Slab Price $525.77

Calacatta Storm F 17-Slab Price $844.33


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​​​​Special offer fifteen colors each month - quartz countertops

Special Prices - Quartz Slabs


High Quality Quartz Slabs and Reasonable Prices
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         Citrine® is a family business manager with extensive experience in Quartz and natural stone.

Each month we offer the option to purchase specified quartz stones for a discounted price. That is why at this time we would like to introduce you to our elegant selection of Citrine quartz stone which will aid you in the embellishment of your home or office with ideal comfort.

By choosing a countertop, you should think about the material manufacturer and consider the aesthetic and durable characteristics to show off a unique style in your kitchen and bathroom. Of course, it is important for decorative style to be created. Either classic or modern, Citrine® quartz has unique varieties of authentic colors to enhance and embellish your home. 
Citrine® Quartz is Modern high-tech sophistication for high-resistance surface, kitchen counter tops, and  bathroom vanity tops designs. The Citrine quartz stone has begun to supplant the Granite and natural marble as it is much more durable, does not react to citric acid and is not stained with wine or coffee,  It is commonly used in solid surfaces countertops and bathoom countertops.

Note: To help our clients, we also can sell you half slabs for a small project. For example; vanity tops, bar counter tops, or small kitchenette. Come visit us, we can help.

These are the fifteen discounted Citrine® quartz colors of this month:
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​​We look forward to working with you!​