White Marquina-Slab Price $657.20

New Cosmos Gray-Slab Price $657.33​​

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Calacatta Gold Slab Price $ 697.33

Citrine® Quartz Slabs dimensions:  127" L X 64" W X 3/4" thickness

Calacatta Gold -Slab Price $697.33

Calacatta Tuscany Slab Price $ 765.12

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Calacatta Vega-Slab Price $852.96

Calacatta Victoria-Slab Price $765.12​

Calacatta Golden Altin Slab Price $ 765.13

Catacatta Luna-Slab Price $697.33​

Calacatta F-17 Storm -Slab Price $797.33

Black Marquina-Slab Price $937.17

Calacatta Statuario -Slab Price $772.17

Pure White-Slab Price $780.17​​

Golden Bungalow Slab Price $ 765.12


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         Citrine® is a family business with extensive experience in Quartz and natural stone.

We would like to introduce you to our elegant selection of Citrine® quartz stone which will aid you in embellishment of your home or office with ideal comfort.

By choosing a countertop, you should think about the material manufacturer and consider the aesthetic and durable characteristics to show off a unique style in your kitchen and bathroom. Of course, it is important for decorative style to be created. Either classic or modern, Citrine® quartz has unique varieties of authentic colors to enhance and embellish your home. 

 These are the discounted Citrine® quartz colors of this month:

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Carrara White-Slab Price $675.17

Calacatta Alaska-Slab Price $697.33