How to remove permanent marker stains on the citrine quartz countertop.

Although it is a difficult stain to remove, it is accomplished with 70% alcohol plus a clean alcohol-soaked towel to rub the marker in, directly wetting the permanent marker stain with alcohol and let it rest for one or two minutes and float again with alcohol on the dry ink stain to obtain a good result.

Care and Maintenance

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Tips and Warnings 
Alternatively, use a commercial quartz surfaces cleaner, following label instructions. Some are sprayed and spread with a lint free cloth. These cleaners do not need to be rinsed. Followed to the letter the instructions that came with your cleaning quartz countertops, especially if it is still under warranty.

Although our Citrine Quartz stone product is highly resistant to hot temperatures, we strongly recommend that you always place hot pans on a trivet (made of rubber or metal) or a protective mat or also just letting the pan cool on the stove. Try to never place a hot pan, especially one made out of cast iron, directly on Citrine ® Quartz stone counter tops for prolonged exposure to heat could result in irreversible damage to the surface.

Like any other material, everyday use over a long period of time can result in slight abrasion marks in Citrine Quartz stone. We advise you to never cut directly over the Citrine Quartz stone counter tops for it can result in permanent damage to the Citrine Quartz stone. During food preparation we recommend that you use a cutting board to cut in order to prevent any damage.

Quartz countertops

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Care and Maintenance

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Quartz Countertops are considered a good alternative to granite countertops. Unlike other countertops, the vanities surface of these can not be easily stained or damaged.

Care and Maintenance
​of Citrine® Quartz

To keep your quartz stone looking as clean and beautiful as it did the first day following the simple instructions mentioned below.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops.
Wash the quartz surface thoroughly with warm water and soap, any other mild household cleaner (Weiman Quartz Granite & Marble Cleaners or 409 Stone & Steel Cleaner), or even a surface cleaner like Weiman.

Citrine® Quartz stone has very low porosity therefore it does not absorb liquids but it is still recommended to pass a paper towel or sponge to dry spills immediately after spillage occurs. 

Citrine Quartz Countertops: 
*Generally, most stains can be removed using a microfiber or paper towel.
*For tough stains we recommend you to use: Comet Deep Cleaning or Ajax Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal Scratchfree.

How to use: 

1. Scrub the surface with a cloth or kitchen towel dampened with Comet Deep Cleaning or Ajax Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal Scratchfree.

2. Let the heavy-duty hand cleaner sit for One minute.

3. Remove the hand cleaner by wiping the surface thoroughly with a clean paper towel.

* To remove lime deposits formed by water around the
drain or faucet, you can use an abrasive sponge to rub the stain or use a lime removing product (follow the manufacturer's recommendations for proper use). Rinse several times with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Recall the uniform surface brightness as above.
*If the problem persists, please contact our Citrine® Quartz Warranty Center and you will be referred to a professional Citrine Quartz stone expert.