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What is Citrine? 
Modern high tech sophistication for high resistance surface, kitchen counter tops, and  bathroom vanity tops. Citrine quartz is used in many areas to beautify spaces.

Citrine offers all the benefits of marble or granite floors and countertops with matching durability at a reduced cost.
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The quartz we use to manufacture Citrine Quartz slabs is considered one of the most abundant mineral in the crust of the earth. Quartz is the fundamental component of many types of rocks, especially igneous rocks of acid, but also in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks while being very resistant.

Citrine® is a high quality quartz stone that is compressed natural sandy quartz. This is a compound of 94% of quartz crystal, sand, or quartz powder and 6% high quality of resin to unify the quartz grain.


1- Surfaces Scratch Hardness is High Resistant

The main composition of quartz is silica (sio2). The quartz crystal isthe second hardest mineral after the diamond mined from nature. Also, its Mohs hardness is 7.5 scraping to broken

2- Cannot Be Polluted

Citrine quartz stone is made in a vacuum environment. The inner and the outer surface is the same. Dense and non-porous, it will not be affected by chemicals.

3 - Does Not Become Old

Citrine quartz stone has been polished through more than 30 process. The surface is bright and clean and easy to be washed.

4 - Cannot Be Combusted

Citrine quartz crystal is the typical refractory material and its melting point is up to 1300 degrees.

5 - Non-Toxic, No Radiation

​Before being used, the quartz crystal is processed and refined. So compared to natural quartz stone, the artificial citrine quartz stone is pollution-resistant and not damaged by any radiation. It is the best choice for building decoration.


The public buildings (airport, shopping mall, hotel, bank, hospital, etc.) The Citrine quartz stone has begun to supplant the natural marble, as it is much more durable not react to citric acid is not stained with wine or coffee. Polished Quartz is also a popular choice for counter tops due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities. Today it is used in construction for kitchen countertops, staircases, jacuzzi surrounds, and many other applications.​

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What is Citrine?